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The Practical Professional

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UCI Accreditation

For over 16 years, PBI has been helping talented professionals get back on track after an ethics or boundary violation. Through our partnership with UC Irvine, we provide board-approved continuing education solutions that give you the tools to meet any challenge.

We've been there too - and now we're here to help.

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Since 2001, PBI has been working to help those who’ve stepped over the line to step back and learn from their mistakes. In an effort to share what we’ve discovered, we've collected first-hand accounts and other helpful information into The Practical Professional in Healthcare. By learning from each other, we hope to advance our common goal: to help talented professionals continue productive careers and to keep each other on the right side of the line.


We offer online, onsite and telephonic CE credit boundary and ethics courses for Teachers.


We offer an onsite CLE credit boundary course for Lawyers.